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Benefits of being ORGANIZED

Once your enter the hiring process, there's a considerable amount of information to juggle: Hiring Manager's names and contact information, Interview dates & times, Interview Notes, Thank You Notes, and more...

There are 3 distinct benefits to being organized.

1. STRESS RELIEF - Searching for work is stressful, being organized will feel like a weight lifed off you shoulders! 

2. BETTER SLEEP - You may not realize it, dissarray in your job search can cause you to lose out some much needed rest.  

3. INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY - Disorganization makes you feel unmotivated. Being 
    organized will give you a feeling of empowerment manifests as confidence that 
    enhances your interview performance.

There's nothing more costly than missed opportunity.

Take Charge of Your Job Search

Take control of your job search. Opportunity isn't always going to knock on your door. 

Tracking your job search is important for a number of reasons:

1. Easily view progress and activities to stay confident 

2. Makes reporting for UI Benefits simple

3. When a Recruiter finally calls, you can easily access notes on that job 
     you applied for 90 days ago

Sometimes you must knock on opportunity's door. 
If you really want to enter;


Organize, track and manage all your job applications all in this one place.

OP : Search

Search from a countless number of jobs from our database of opportunities!

Simply enter a Job Title and location and start adding opportunities of interst to your Pipeline. It's that simple.

Take control of your job search. Opportunity isn't always going to knock on your door. Sometimes you must knock on opportunity's door if you really want to enter.

Sure you could use a Spreadsheet BUT...

Spreadsheets are not user-friendly. Yes they are are customizable and familiar, but consider that on avaerage it takes 20 to 80 applications to get a single job offer, maintaining the discipline required to keep that many opportunities updated is difficult.

Although it's a digital tool, it's still processesed manually, and who has time for that?

On average, jobseekers that dedicate the time on average will spend 12-18 hours 
per month updateing, revising, consolidating, modifying and correcting their 
Excel spreadsheets. 

Valuable jobsearch time is often wasted trying to keep the spreadsheet up to date.

Opportunity knocks all the time but you have to be ready for it. 

OP: Links

With a click you can navigate easily to your favorite job search resources. 

Create a library of your favorite job search resources. Resources like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, and Monster.

An opportunity will  knock only once.

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